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This website is dedicated to providing the most useful products for "Angels" and their caregivers to make all our lives just a little easier. :)
We also provide Angels On Earth clothing and jewelry to help spread awareness for Angelman Syndrome.
Business cards will be sent out with orders. Please keep these handy when trying to explain to others what exactly AS is. Our goal is to, one day, have more people know what AS is rather than NOT! :)
Check back often to learn about new "Angel" parent recommended products.
If you have any questions or comments, be sure to get in touch with us through the "Contact Us" section of the site.
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Kiano - Angelman Syndrome AwarenessHelp us by spreading Angelman Syndrome Awareness
To learn more about Angelman Syndrome, please watch the awareness video I created for the Angelman Syndrome Foundation, below.
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Angelman Syndrome Awareness 2010 - featuring "The Life That's Chosen Me"
This video was created by Kelly Ellison for the Angelman Syndrome Foundation. It features "Angels" from all over the world & facts about the syndrome. Please feel free to share this video to help spre...
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