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Ian Collection
Ian Collection - Help us spread awareness by wearing Angelman Syndrome Clothing by shopping at Angels On Earth - AOE
This design is dedicated to Ian. 
Ian was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome when he was 10 months old. He is deletion + . He is now 6yrs old. Susan, the Hipperbib Lady, is Ian's mommy and my AS BFF (Angelman Syndrome Best Friend Forever). Ian LOVES peaches, playing with toys that have wheels, and he always smiles. Ian doesn't walk just yet, but we all know he will!!   
Help us raise Angelman Syndrome Awareness by wearing Angelman Syndrome Clothing offered at Angels On Earth - AOE
Ian Collection Shirts
Angelman Syndrome Shirt #AOE #AOEGEAR
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Ian Collection Window Decal - SINGLE
6" x 6"
Price: $4.00
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