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Joshua Collection
Help us raise Angelman Syndrome Awareness by wearing the Joshua Collection (Angelman Syndrome Clothing) offered at Angels On Earth - AOE
Joshua is was born on January 20th, 2004. His parents handpicked him, and adopted him when he was 22 months old, and already had a diagnosis of Angelman Syndrome. He was welcomed by older sister, Caylee, who is his biggest fan! Joshua loves swimming. He doesn't walk independently yet, but his mom is sure if he could live at a water park he would be walking in no time, it's the most motivated he ever is to walk! His other greatest love is motorcycles, the louder the better! We love to go motorcycle hunting just to see his complete JOY and amazement! He keeps us all laughing and smiling!!
Joshua Collection design
Help us raise Angelman Syndrome Awareness by wearing Angelman Syndrome Clothing offered at Angels On Earth - AOE. This is the Joshua Collection
Joshua - both, Angelman Syndrome Tank top
Joshua Collection - Sorbet Orange
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Joshua Collection - Berry
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