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Kiano was born in January 2006. Kiano loves loves loves his bestfriend, Bear (as shown in pic). Kiano is a hot mess! :) He's into EVERYTHING, all the time. He doesn't talk, but has recently started walking short distances. Kiano LOVES water, bananas, and wrestling with his dog. Kiano suffers from epilepsy and takes 3 anticonvulsants twice a day. Other than trying to just "keep up" with Kiano, the seizures have been our biggest battle with Angelman Syndrome.

Kiano - purple, Women's Angelman Syndrome Shirt with wings AOE AOEGEAR 
Women's Spring Kiano Collection V-Neck shirts
60% Cotton, 40% Polyester. 
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Kiano - green, Women's Angelman Syndrome Shirt with wings, AOE, AOEGEAR

Kiano 2011 Spring Men, Angelman Syndrome Shirt with wingsMen's Kiano Collection in Charcoal
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fiona - hinterland of Washington State, Child Angelman Syndrome Shirt with wings
Children's Kiano Collection - Charcoal 
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Kaylei conn - girls kiano, Children Angelman Syndrome Shirt with wings in pink
Children's Kiano Collection - Pink 
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Kiano Collection - Long Sleeve - Grey

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Thermal, Long Sleeve
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