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Lily Collection
(Our very first "double" collection)
Lily Hannah, Angelman Syndrome
Lily Hannah
Lily will be six this August and is stinkin' cute! She was diagnosed with AS at 10 months old and is Del +. Lily loves her pacifier, her comfy pillow collection and her big sister. Lily has seizures (which are thankfully under control) and alot of tummy troubles (which are not). She drinks only bottles but because she has a hard time keeping her food down she gains weight very slowly and has to work extra hard to do all the things she wants to do. Lily is a giggler,loves a good cuddle and to nap in sunspots in the living room. Her family thinks that she is the coolest kiddo EVER!
Lily Lara, Angelman SyndromeLily Soledad
Lily will be 3 in November 2011 and was diagnosed at 15 months deletion +. She has the most infectious laugh and is constantly looking where the next Laugh is going to come from! Lily loves to eat anything and everything and has most recently taken up feeding herself! Pudding is her absolute favorite! She is an explorer who has learned how to cruise along furniture and the world is now her TOY. Seizures are there, but mostly controlled and we hope one day they will be gone! Her family adores her and she adores us and for that we are thankful! We can’t wait to see what’s to come in her next big achievements!
Lily, Angelman Syndrome Shirt Tank Top
Lily Collection Tank Top - Black
"Angels On Earth" written in white with grey wings behind. 
Lily's name is located within wing.

Women Sizes

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